Grant Schroll is a co-founder at Mission Collaborative, an organization that runs nights-and-weekends programs to help young professionals make career changes. He’s passionate about helping people build careers they love and redesigning higher education to better serve learners today and throughout their lives.

Grant is just an all around stud who’s on the forefront of the changing education and career climate in the world today. If you’re in a place of confusion in regards to your life and you career, this is the episode for you and Grant is the guy to connect with! Expect to see him again at Successful Dropout.

Here are just some of the things we discuss:

  • Legos
  • Grant’s journey to discovering his calling
  • The life and career design process
  • Reflecting on your life and career
  • Defining your life and your career
  • Test driving your life and your career
  • Figuring out your life is not a linear process!
  • Much more!



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