The Successful Dropout Creed and Commitment

I get a lot of emails from fans of the show, wondering if they should opt-out of school or not. There is a very important distinction between dropping/opting-out, and failing out. A decision like this should be very thoughtful and intentional, with a clear understanding of the positive and negative consequences. It shouldn’t be a knee-jerk reaction to a bad experience.

I created The Successful Dropout Creed & Commitment to encapsulate what it means to leave formal education and forge a different path. I hope it acts as a beacon of understanding for you in your journey to become a Successful Dropout.

Here is a downloadable version that you can print out and sign if you wish. I will continue to curate this as we continue to discover what it takes to be a Successful Dropout.


The Successful Dropout Creed and Commitment

As a dropout, I will not “fail out”. I will not quit school because it is too hard, for I understand that dropping out and creating my own path will be infinitely harder than staying in school. I don’t drop out because I am bored or overwhelmed, I drop out because I want a challenge and I believe I was meant for more.

I am a common man/woman, with an uncommon desire to succeed.

I understand that as a dropout I will face more adversity than my peers.

I understand that as a dropout I will have to work harder than my peers.

I understand that as a dropout I alone am responsible for my circumstances and destiny.

I understand that as a dropout I am my own credential.

I understand that as a dropout I will be held to a higher standard.

I understand that as a dropout I am choosing to live like no one else now, so that I can live like no one else later.

I understand and I accept all these things, believing that success and fortune favors the bold. If knocked down, I will get back up every time. I welcome and embrace failure because I know every failure is a stepping stone to inevitable success.

As a Successful Dropout, I make the following commitments with the intention of becoming the best version of myself:

To never stop learning

To lean into my fears

To demand self-discipline

To strive to think differently and innovate

To bring maximum value to the world 

To begin with the end in mind

To surround myself with the kinds of people I aspire to be like

To do work I love

To view success as my duty and obligation

To keep my word and live with integrity

To be the best version of myself every day

To set and achieve my goals

To be consistent with whatever I commit to

To take extreme ownership over my life and destiny

To believe that life is always happening for me, not to me

To be grateful

Above all, I commit to keep the fire of ambition alive inside of me – to stay hungry, stay foolish.